Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekly Wanderings

 Ive kept my promise to myself, to start capturing every day beauty, in a more meaningful and considered way. Ive been taking photos with an open mind and a keen eye and im really pleased with the results so far. Im still taking happy snaps but amongst the happy snaps and fails are some little gems of beauty.
I cant wait to get a real camera and keep on improving, I had forgotten how photography challenges you to look at things in a different light.

Below are my most recent efforts........I think each one tells a story or captures a moment in what is, on paper, a mundane and average life................I feel as though im making life a little more beautiful for myself and my daughter by taking the time to capture these moments and appreciating the small things.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Capturing Everyday Beauty

I'm a dabbler, I like to do a bit of this and a bit of that when it comes to my craft.
I find always doing something new and coming and going from projects from day to day gives me more creative freedom and means I come back to each project with fresh eyes.........It also means I have allot of unfinished projects that tend to get forgotten!

I also get caught up in Crochet! I was hugely into crocheting a few years ago and made many many blankets for friends and family, then one day I just stopped and haven't really crocheted anything in earnest for some time.

Another of those things is Photography. I have always loved taking photos and studied it at high school and TAFE, my father is a wonderful photographer and worked in the photographic industry for many years.............we even had a dark room at home with professional enlargers and all the kit!

Since having my daughter Ive been taking more and more photos and as I flicked back through my phone one day it struck me how many beautiful moments I could have captured differently, all the photos were the same......."Happy Snaps" if you like.......perfectly fine but lacking in emotion or not quite capturing the moment in a meaningful way.

So I've made a conscious decision to start trying to capture the truly beautiful in our every day lives. The colour of children's toys, small details of my daughters face, new experiences and special private moments. I have asked for a real camera for Christmas and I really cant wait to start looking at the world through a new lens!

In the meantime I will practice on my iPhone and continue to share through Instagram........I think I can see an improvement in my images already............what do you think?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Wanderings

Just a little snippet of what I've been up to lately


A trip to the Art Gallery of NSW
A few sunny days in the park
Some oh so pretty ETSY treasury's featuring my products
Our first road trip down the south coast with bub
Juggling homelife with trying to work my admin job and keep creative......I'm managing somehow!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Months Old

My little love,

You are 6 months old now and how time is flying. You are such a serious little baby, taking in everything around you with endless fascination and curiosity. You take your time to decide what you like and dislike and never rule anything out on the first go. Everything everyone told me about motherhood has been true, all the cliches I shrugged off during pregnancy, how hard and how rewarding this would be, how you can get used to total sleep deprivation (I have thoroughly tested this theory on myself and can without doubt it is true) and how much love you can feel for one tiny little person. 
I can't imagine a life without you in it now!

We took you to the park and the beach last weekend and your reaction was bemused at best, you didn't really know what to make of the slide and daddy said you looked ever so serious as I held you on my lap in the swing.
The beach was much the same, you really tried hard to figure out what the yellow grainy stuff was (sand) digging your fists and toes into its warmth and seemed to almost quite like it but then I made the mistake of dipping your toes in the still cold wintry waves and you were a bit sad about that. Mamma's sorry.......I promise you will like the beach when it warmer!

You've been making progress with your rolling and turning, though we still need to work on that as you really don't seem to like the idea of ending up on your tummy. You have discovered hair pulling which is great fun and poor daddy has had to shave his beard off as a result, and you have cut your first teeth which was hard on us both and hurt a bit for you. You are 6 months old and I cant quite believe it, in another few months you will be moving about, sitting up by yourself and you wont need me so much anymore.................STOP growing so fast please!

You love - Sitting in your bumbo, playing under your play gym, going for walks in the pram, watching the birds on the balcony, listening to Peter and the Wolf, time with Daddy, watching us eat, putting everything in your mouth, pulling hair, Mamma's dressing gown, listening to Daddy play the guitar, Sophie the Giraffe, Mousy rattle and your bunny brother

You dislike - going for drives in the car,too many new people, tummy time, bedtime, getting changed, the vacuum and noisy places.

You are 6 months old and these last 6 months have been the best in my life.

P.S these photos are ones that we took for my mothers 60th birthday present. 
Cute poses by Kirra, photography & flower crown by me!